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Louisville Sites to See by DESIGN - 3rd Edition

112 pages; all color; soft cover

Description: Louisville Sites to See by DESIGN is an all-in-one reference to maximize your enjoyment of this community’s aesthetic and cultural assets. Whether you have only one-hour, one-day, one-week, or longer, this book will enhance the value and increase your experience of this unique and remarkable city. Art, parks, and landmarks are listed in this informative, easy-to-read guide. Architecture, history, and places to dine are among the many desired destinations profiled.

Cost: $20, includes tax and shipping & handling

There are 2 ways to order as listed below:


Mail check, payable to 'Steve Wiser', to P O Box 7034, Louisville, Ky., 40257. Include a note as to where to mail the book, if you'd like it signed (if so, do you want your name or another name, to address it to?), and note this is for the 'Sites to See' book. Also, email Steve at to let him know 'check is in the mail'. Once the check is received, Steve will mail the book, which will take several days for you to receive.


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