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Wiser Designs Healthcare Facility Consultation

Steve Wiser, FAIA, has over 35 years of direct healthcare facility planning, design, and construction experience. He has built over $2 billion in healthcare construction projects. He is an 'independent' consultant and has a client-focused philosophy.  Provided below are more info on his services:

Facility Assessments

Steve has performed facility assessments for a broad range of clients such as non-profit and for profit systems, as well as military and VAMC facilities.  He can determine status of construction and provide recommendations for improvements. 

Scope of Work Definition

Defining precisely the project objectives will determine the success of the project.  Are the spaces accurately identified?; is the full range of the project accounted for?; 'who is doing what' properly clarified? There are dozens of details that must be specified upfront before retaining a design / construction firm.  Steve has written numerous 'Scope of Work' parameters which minimize cost over-runs and schedule delays.

Code Review / Inspection Agency Assistance

Steve has decades of code analysis reviews that have benefited a project's implementation.  He has also facilitated the approval of projects by state inspection agencies.  He has interpreted the healthcare and building codes that result in successful project implementation. 

Programming / Space Planning / Functional Layout

From critical access hospitals and academic medical centers to clinics and cancer centers, Steve has designed every type of healthcare facility project.  His designs feature efficient, functional plans.  His philosophy is to 'minimize footsteps and maximize patient care'.   Using excel spreadsheets with room by room quantities and preparing conceptual diagrams, Steve can establish the foundation from which a successful project can be implemented. 

For More Info - Contact Steve Wiser

The full scope of Steve's healthcare facility planning, design, and construction services cannot be listed here.  For more info, contact Steve via email at (or via cell at 502-893-8466) and provide a brief description of the type of healthcare project you are considering, and he will respond  with more targeted data.