louisville tapestry

144 pages; over 100 B & W photos

In 2008, Louisville, Kentucky, was recognized as the ‘Most Livable Big City in America’ by the U. S. Conference of Mayors. Louisville has always scored high on ‘livability’ rankings. There is not one specific reason for this remarkable quality of life recognition. Louisville has many desirable attributes that make it a great place to live. When viewed as an overall aesthetic composition, Louisville resembles a ‘tapestry’ where its people and places are the ‘colorful threads’ which are integrally woven into an attractive, vibrant fabric, or ‘quality of life’. But, how did all of these unique and distinctive components coalesce into this tapestry known as ‘Louisville, Kentucky’? There certainly is not one clear identifiable explanation that one can pinpoint of how this city has evolved into this ‘most livable’ result. “Louisville Tapestry” is a behind-the-scenes look at this city’s most well-known places and people that have contributed to this Best-Place-to-Live outcome. 

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